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Absolute Flooring

Absolute Flooring is a website we build for a flooring company located in Woodbridge, VA. Blue 16 Media redesigned the website with a fresh UI as well as modern integrations such as Yelp and social media icons. We’ve created a new site from the ground up to give users an easier experience when visiting the site. The site has all the information about the company at the forefront. There’s no more visiting multiple pages in order to find out where you can contact Absolute Flooring. At the left of the homepage sits the latest Yelp reviews as well as social media icons and an easily accessible form to sign up for the company newsletter. Pages along the top provide quick navigation to more information on Absolutely Flooring, types of flooring they install, a gallery of past jobs, and a contact page with more information. Below we have pictures of the old site as well as the new site.

Old Site Main

Old Site Body

New Site Main

New Site Body

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