Let’s Find Out How Well We Fit

We are not a one-sized fits all company. We strive to provide exceptional customer service and help our clients achieve a high level of success. The first step in that process is for us to learn a little more about your company and what you hope your goals are. We work with a limited amount of clients so we are very selective and want to make sure that your goals and company philosophy align with our core philosophy and principles.

What we look for in companies to work with:

  1. Strong Passion & Zeal: Our focus is health, wellness, fitness and sports companies but we look for companies that have a strong passion and zeal for their products and services.
  2. Clarity: This might have self explanatory but through our process, we try to make sure that we have a set goal for us to measure success. Often, it’s important that we have clarity from the companies that we work with in regards to what they hope to get out of our services.
  3. Strong Morals: Companies that we work with have strong moral standards. We don’t work with specific companies that do not show those high morals or don’t show the same high quality service to their clients.

That’s it! Those are all our requirements.

If you sounds like you would be interested in working with us and you meet the criteria above, then we would be happy to schedule a time to speak with you. Here’s how we work: First, complete the discovery form below. Next, we will have an initial call (approximately 1 hour) based on your answers below. After, that we will review our notes and reach back to you about the next steps or if we feel we aren’t the best fit.


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