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Search is known to be the top method for driving traffic to websites, beating social media by over 300%. One of the main benefits of SEO is its ability to help companies attract inbound leads. Using SEO is a must to attract customers. You can use SEO when you create high-quality content and then post it on your website so that your ideal customer finds it online.

Blue 16 Media is an accomplished and affordable Reston VA SEO & web design company that can help you create an SEO optimized website so that you can get traffics, ultimately ranking you higher in SERPs.

User experience is significant to keep your site visitors happy. Else, they’ll leave your website without clicking around and exploring. When satisfied users click around your website, they can help lower your bounce rate. Bounce rates incline when people leave your site without engaging.

Your bounce rate can impact your SEO ranking. After all, Google wants to give its users the best possible experience. To accomplish this, Google prioritizes websites that follow certain criteria. For instance, Google prefers websites with “https” in front of the URL, as it indicates the website is secure. So customers can stay worry-free of any potential hacks or malicious activity.

How Blue 16 Media As A Web Design & SEO Company Can Benefit You

Blue 16 Media holds many years of experience in web design and SEO. If you are searching for the ideal SEO & website design company, you can consider Blue 16 Media. Call us today to learn more about how we can deliver superior web design and digital marketing in Reston VA.

Google always prioritizes websites that load quickly. Website speed could make a difference between people clicking or visitors leaving. On the other hand, Google looks for mobile-friendly websites as well. If your website isn’t optimized for smaller devices, your visitors will have a hard time using the site on smaller screens.

Did you know that If 15 minutes were given to consume content, 66 percent of people will prefer to see something beautifully designed versus something plain and simple? Your website’s design is an important part of your online marketing presence. To build a better website for your business, the importance of web design knows no bound.

If you are in the Reston VA area then Blue 16 Media can assist you to design a great website with SEO optimization that should leave a lasting and positive impression in visitor’s minds!

Why Blue 16 Media Is Ideal For You?

Doing better in SERPs takes more than just SEO. Your website also needs to be designed well, or you risk wasting all of that organic equity you have been building. SEO and web design work together more smoothly and continuously than many people might realize.

Blue 16 Media expertise in designing and developing stunning websites for individuals, businesses, and organizations in Reston VA. Our talented web designers and developers create search-engine and mobile-friendly, focused, and responsive websites that are guaranteed to drive new customers in the Reston VA area to your business.

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