Web Designer Needs

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a website of your dreams. We are humbled that you have chosen us to work with you on this very important step. While each website will vary, we provided a list of things that we will will need to get started on your website. Some of this is outlined in our website questionnaire and for other questions, we may have met to discuss.

  1. Your vision for your site. This includes how you want it to look and what you want your clients to think. It is important that you and your Designer are on the same page and have the same expectations.
  2. Brand kit – version of logos, colors (hex files), etc.
  3. Logo (preferably in jpeg and/or png format) with a transparent background
  4. Images (these can be purchased by the Provider at an additional cost) Please label the images for corresponding pages for the designer. These can be uploaded online using a service such as Dropbox, e-mailed (if they are lower quality) or mailed to the designer on a CD or thumb drive.
  5. Layout of website (e.g. 5 pages with (1) About Us (2) Contact Us (3) Services (4) Gallery (5) Blog/News)
  6. Contact information (e.g. e-mail address, Twitter account, Facebook Account, etc.)
  7. Content for pages and/or blog
  8. Color scheme, favorite theme (if a theme is being used), etc.
  9. Files that you want to upload and/or forms that you want to use
  10. Any additional information your designer might need.
  11. Please note: We will need the username and password for your domain AND hosting information (if we aren’t your host).

If you have all these items you are ahead of the curve, but if you don’t no worries. Speak with us so you can get the website of your dreams!

Also note, you will be able to suggest changes to your site prior to the launch of your site.

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