Congratulations on taking the first step towards increasing the visibility of your website. We are humbled that you have chosen us to work with you on this very important step. While each project will vary, we provided a list of things that we usually need to get started with SEO. Some of this is outlined in our new client questionnaire and for other questions, we may have met to discuss.

  1. Website Credentials: To access your website, we will need access to your hosting. If you are hosting with us, we already have access. If not, we will need to get that access.
  2. Social Media Credentials: If your SEO package includes social media updates, we will also need access to that. Please add Gresham (gwh [at] to your Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page for other social media sites you will just be able to provide the username and password. If you haven’t discussed this with us yet, don’t worry, we will discuss soon.
  3. Anything additional: Especially if you’ve done SEO in the past, you might have reports, logins (e.g. Google Webmaster Tools) or analytics that you can provide to us. Please add AND These might include:
    • Google Search Console
    • Google Analytics
    • Google My Business
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Call Tracking
    • Previous Ranking Reports
    • Website login information & hosting information (see #1 above)
    • Bing Webmaster tools

There might be more specific information that we will need, but this will be a great start. Many times, we may have to create these accounts and if we do, we can add you to these accounts. If you have all these items you are ahead of the curve, but if not–don’t worry. Speak with us so you can start ranking well for your site!


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