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We will analyze your website and provide some opportunities that your business can take advantage of to improve your rankings, improve the overall look and design of your website. We set up a 16-minute FREE consultation to go over the report that you will receive. During the phone consultation, we will go over and answer any questions you have from the report.

How to Get Started

(1) Complete the form and you will also receive a digital copy of the Blue 16 Corner – Volume 1: 16 Digital Marketing Tips for the Small Business Owner. You’ll receive a copy directly in your inbox. Get Your Copy HERE if you don’t want to wait that long. 

(2) Get your score right now, by clicking HERE. This is an automated report that we use to score your website and we are able to explain what each of sections of your report means and how you can improve it to your score.

(3) You should receive a link to schedule your consultation and we will reach out to you via e-mail or phone call to schedule your FREE 16-minute consultation to answer any questions and schedule your consultation. You can also schedule it right now by clicking HERE.

(4) During the consultation, we can speak about anything including the report, what you are currently doing to market your website and other information.

(5) If you do decide that you would like a deeper website analysis (One-time fee), you will receive an e-mail with a link to customized video walk-through based on our initial conversation that will provide specific advice and insight on how to improve your website to increase your visibility and reach your goals.

That’s it! Let’s get started by completing the form on this page.

Sample Complete Website Analysis

While every website is different, Chris of You Deserve Massage located in Alexandria, Virginia gave us an opportunity to look at their website and provide an analysis of their website to provide some opportunities to leverage the web.

Chris granted us permission to post this video.


During the complete consultation, we will do the following:

  1. Intro conversation (10-16 minutes) – we will learn a little more about your business and goals
  2. Report – we will send you a report (similar to the one above) for you to review.
  3. Optional Video analysis (usually 20-30 minutes) – we will send you a video analysis (similar to the one above) for you to review for a one-time fee.

That’s it!

Get started by completing the form on this page.

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