Why Business Owners Should Be Using Social Media

Why Business Owners Should Be Using Social Media

Social media has taken over the world. From Facebook to Twitter, Tumblr to Instagram, social media has us locked in and keeps us engaged day after day. In a few short years the impact of social media on how we do business has been phenomenal. Now most commercials end with the tagline about find us on Facebook or like our page!  Businesses know that they can no longer remain stagnant and out of the social media eye if they are trying to attract customers and get the message out about their brand. The impact of social media can be felt in every field and has a finger in businesses both large and small.

If Facebook were a country it would be king of the jungle. Using Facebook for your business is one of the smartest moves you can make. Did you know that there are 800 million active users on Facebook from all over the world? It’s a staggering number that keeps growing higher each day, according to marketing agency Wilson Cooke. Think of how many potential customers you could reach through some clever social media methodology. The possibilities are endless, especially for those looking to broaden their horizons and make an impact in other countries. Facebook isn’t the only outlet to attract customers, of course. Twitter jumps on the wagon at 360 million active users with an additional 300k joining the service each day. While the term ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ might not come off so well to some, Facebook and Twitter are definitely the best places to find the most diverse group of clients and customers.

Better than any focus group around, social media gives you the range if ages and income you truly need. Twitter is a great place to get feedback from customers or potential customers about your product. 29% of 18-25 year olds use the service on a daily basis. Surprisingly even 12% of 45-54 year olds use the service as well. For your business it is an excellent way to get that golden customer feedback you need to make your product perfect. Wilson Cookie explains that of those customers that follow your brand on Facebook a whopping 39.15% usually recommend it to their friends and family.

Sure, social media can have its disadvantages and tastes are constantly changing in the world of online communities. One thing is for certain though. When it comes to using social media as a business owner, having an online presence is always better than not. You’ll be reaching customers and getting your name out even if you aren’t the most stylish or active online user, and it’s all free. Nothing is better than free.

This post was written by Ashley Poulter. She is a content writer for Blue 16 Media. 

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