Reasons LinkedIn Is Great For B2B

Reasons LinkedIn Is Great For B2B

B2B is one of the most important avenues in any business. You have the opportunity to connect with fellow business owners in a variety of fields and trade ideas along with more physical business items. Social media is a great outlet to meet business owners and entrepreneurs to discuss ideas and your business plans and methods. Liking a page, responding to a tweet, or sharing a blog are all great ways to connect with fellow business owners. Although all social media is great for B2B, there is one that stands higher than the rest. LinkedIn, the place for business and networking, is at the top of the pile when it comes to places for ideal B2B.

LinkedIn is the meeting place for business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s where you show off your business and connect with those looking to crack into your field. You can find key members for your team and creative minds to help get your business off the ground. Being able to connect with other businesses is ideal for getting your message across. Curious as to who uses LinkedIn and what for? According to Forbes, 22% of top-level executives use LinkedIn for industry networking. Another 20% use it for promoting their business. If you’re able to get in contact with a top-level executive for a company you have your B2B sights on, using LinkedIn knocks down the walls separating you from them.

Often in business it is sometimes hard to get in direct contact with the people you need to. They are busy, on leave, or may not have time to connect. LinkedIn provides a simple tool you can use to find who you need to and send them a quick message without either of you needing to set aside huge blocks of time. In fact, Forbes found that 61% of all LinkedIn activity was focused on industry networking. That means the majority of users on LinkedIn were using the site to connect within their own industries and other industries as well.

For business owners looking to make B2B connections, LinkedIn is not to be overlooked. Boasting 55 million users, LinkedIn is a niche site compared to Facebook and Twitter. That gives you the benefit of connecting with other business owners and entrepreneurs searching for the same thing as you.


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