The Future Of Social Media

The Future Of Social Media

Social media seems to have grown by leaps and bounds within the last few years. Businesses have found it hard to not have an online presence due to social media integration all over the internet. Liking a story on a random news site can mean it posts to your Facebook page or automatically shares itself on your Twitter account. The uses we have of social media seem almost endless. With this new age of social media discovery it is almost hard to imagine what could come next. For business this is an interesting area to explore. New social media sites mean new and exciting ways to meet people.

A recent explosion in social media comes from the multi-billion dollar deal courtesy of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg. Buying the instant messenger app WhatsApp for 19 Billion dollars earlier this year, it could be a sign of what’s to come for social media. Instant messaging is a fairly old trend but has seen resurgence recently. Nearly 590 million registered users are flocking to WhatsApp in the United States alone. In a market saturated with businesses trying to get their word out in whatever way possible, the task of sifting through and finding the right business for your needs can become overwhelming. Businesses may find that they need to move to a more narrowed approach in order to get the most out of their marketing strategy. If this does happen, Facebook is once more on the ball when it comes to meeting the future head on.

Another trend which might have an impact on the future of social media is simply by looking around. Images have become the trend. The internet is full of memes, gifs, and sites dedicated to make images pop. On the business side of things there is nothing bigger than the use of an infographic. These images display data in a new and provocative way which makes statistics and facts a little easier to digest and easier to remember in the future. According to The Hub Comms, our profile pictures on Facebook are now 170% larger than they once were. 27 million users are on the site Instagram. The sheer amount of ways to use images makes it harder and harder for businesses to avoid creating accounts on these sites and putting their images to good use.

The future is uncertain. Everyone knows this fact and although it is unknown, it doesn’t hurt to try and figure out what the future of social media is. Whether or not Facebook is on the right page with its investment in instant messaging is yet to be seen. There was a time when Facebook wan’t a single word and Twitter was something a bird made. Tumblr was a typo and Instagram was some made up word. Soon enough they all became social media staples for business owners and entrepreneurs. It is a way to get your brand noticed and connect with customers on a more personal level. In months of years there will be another new word and new platform to share and connect on. Until then business owners and entrepreneurs can make guesses and follow trends for whatever comes next.

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