How Business Owners Should Get Started On LinkedIn

How Business Owners Should Get Started On LinkedIn

Social media is everywhere these days. For business it is almost essential to have your brand and name out in public through the use of social media. One of the best social media sites to take advantage of when it comes to business is LinkedIn. As a niche website, LinkedIn allows business owners, entrepreneurs, and even employees to connect with other businesses all over the world. Making use of B2B, marketing, networking and a variety of other things falls into your lap when you begin your journey on LinkedIn. It doesn’t matter if you’re the head of the company or working your way up the ladder, LinkedIn can be used for a lot of different things. For business owners looking to make the most of their entry into the LinkedIn world there are a few things to consider.

Your profile is the most important part of the entire LinkedIn experience. Much like Facebook, LinkedIn gives users an opportunity to build their profile with a variety of facts and figures. The majority of these fields are to do with your work history and where you are currently employed or what business you operate. To get the most out of your LinkedIn profile it is a smart move to fill it out in its entirety.  It might take some extra time to rack your brain for the information but filling out all fields is an ideal method. With a whopping 50.5% of user profiles complete, according to Muddy Wall Social Media, having a finished profile gives other users a better sense of what you and your business is about.

Since LinkedIn is the place for business owners and businesses to be noticed and network, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than all of social media for business lead generation. Building both your profile and a profile for your business is truly taking advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer. Currently there are more than 2.7 million LinkedIn company profiles. Adding your company to that number can help get you noticed. Networking with other business owners in your field and potential team members can become easier when you have a company profile to show them on LinkedIn. Using the different ingredients the site has to offer, aside from profiles and company highlights, is essential to making the most of your LinkedIn experience. Joining groups, which 81% of users belong to, will also help you get noticed and start interacting with other people.

LinkedIn has a lot of essential outlets that entrepreneurs and business owners should take advantage of. Starting out on the social network consists of making your profile shine and your company a platform to be noticed on. The rest will come from meeting new people and getting to know different groups.

Source: Muddy Wall Social Media

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