Virginia Association of Visiting Teachers/School Social Workers Website

Virginia Association of Visiting Teachers/School Social Workers is a website we completely renovated for an organization located in Newport News, Virginia. The organization helps to address any issues which may prevent students from living up to their fullest potential in a school environment. We got to work changing a lot of the old website. The image below is an example of what the website looked like before we renovated. Our changes included giving the site a modern look and approachable feel. Now information is easily accessible from the main page and condensed to give users the ability to find what they need quickly. Pages along the top include an About Us, Contact information, and a unique Membership page with information on joining the organization. A child’s education is extremely important so we wanted to redesign the website to put priority on spreading this organizations message. Below are examples of the renovation we did as well as what the site looked like prior to our efforts.

Old Website

Before Archive


Renovated Main Page


Information Widgets



Customized Membership Page


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