Yhtack in Stitches Website

Yhtack in Stitches Website

Yhtack.com is a website we redesigned for a business located in Northern Virginia. Yhtack in Stitches provides custom embroidery, sewing, and knitting services for a wide variety of events and organizations. When redesigning the website we wanted to highlight what YIS is able to do for customers. With the original design, seeing examples of the work was cluttered at the bottom of the page. With our redesign, examples of the work are designed in a Pinterest-inspired panel near the bottom. We included better access to informative pages, elegant social media integration at the page footer, and a fluid design with the focus on Yhtack’s services. Below we have included pictures from the old site followed by screenshots of the latest upgrade.

Old Website Slider

classic 1

Old Website Examples


New Website Examples

examples new

About Us Widgets and Testimonials

new 2

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