Le Denocrate

Democratic Republic of Congo Website

Democratic Republic of Congo Website

The Ledemocraterdc.com is a website we built for the Democratic Republic of Congo. This website represents a political group and needed to be built with an emphasis on the virtues of the party, its leadership, and future plans. What makes this website different than other projects we have handled are the language differences. One version is in English, another is displayed in French. This custom website has been designed by Blue 16 Media with an emphasis on the party. Straightforward pages lead you to information about the officers of the party, along with the president of the DRC. Links to pages on party photos, the many projects the DRC is committed to, and a page for those willing to donate are easily found along the top of the page. This website is integrated with links to social media as well as a custom contact form. Overall the website was built to put a spotlight on the DRC with effective content and accessible information.

Main Page



Officer Page – French Version



Footer with Social Media Integration, Links


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