No 1 Soccer Camps Website

No 1 Soccer Camps Website

No 1 Soccer Camps

No 1 Soccer Camps is a website we created for a soccer training camp located in Northern Virginia. The camp hosts field players and goalkeepers from all over the country looking for an opportunity to better themselves through expert training. With No 1 Soccer Camps being the first of its kind nationally, Blue 16 Media went for the gold where design was concerned. The customer WordPress theme we crafted for the camp is built to reflect the sport itself – sleek and quick. A custom slider at the top of the homepage brings the camp to life with images from a variety of training sessions. Navigation along the top gives easy access to visitors learning more about the camp, finding a nearby camp, what programs the camp provides players, a blog with articles pertaining to the world of soccer, a social feed with links, and a custom contact page where you can easily reach the camp for more information. The footer of the page houses a brief excerpt of the camp’s history as well as a form to sign up for their newsletter. A helpful ‘search our site’ function also resides at the bottom of the page. Widgets on the main page allow users to easily access different sections of the site most pertinent to their needs. Blue 16 Media is proud to have built this site for No 1 Soccer Camps.





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