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The Coqui Group is a website we built for an English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation service. Based in Virginia, The Coqui Group has helped hundreds of companies, both large and small, with all of their translation needs. The website we built is a sleek, continuously scrolling site which gives visitors the information they need with easily accessible sections. Each section heading is anchored along the top for easy access if visitors to the site prefer not to scroll. The Parallax effect we’ve built with the site gives each section a unique touch to highlight the information needed. At the very end of the scrolling page, we have included a clean contact form along with an email and phone number for visitors to access. All in all, we’ve built a beautiful site which showcases the expert service provided by The Coqui Group.

Main Page

Section Sample

Contact Form


In addition, we did a design of the logo, stationary and business card to capture the client’s target market and Puerto Rican background.

The Coqui Group




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