Marla Ballard Website

Marla Ballard Website

Marla Ballard

Marla Ballard is a website we built for a business owner and consultant located in Virginia. Blue 16 Media worked closely with Marla Ballard to build a modern, responsive site which highlights the services provided. Visitors to the site can also get access to background information, free resources, and more information about her other ventures. Below are images from the website build as well as a testimonial from the client.


“I am so grateful to be working with Gresham and the team at Blue 16 Media. Gresham has done a tremendous job for all of my businesses in creating beautiful websites and marketing and routinely advises me to help keep my marketing and reach up-to-date. Gresham is brilliant, extremely gifted, and incredibly intuitive in working with me and all of the folks we refer to him. Thanks Gresham and Blue16 for your hard work, insight, leadership, and partnership in bringing to life my marketing, my clients marketing and my referrals’ marketing. Appreciate you every day.” – Marla F. Ballard

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