4 Essential Tips on Marketing Your Business During the Summer

4 Essential Tips on Marketing Your Business During the Summer

Summer is the time for great weather and great opportunities. It is the prime time to dust off your marketing strategies and jazz up your approach. Here are some tips on marketing your business during this Summer.

Integrate Social Media

In 2017, 71 percent of internet users were Social Media users and that figure is growing every day. There are about 2.77 Billion people on Social Media right now, with over 2.32 billion people on Facebook alone! These numbers are mind-boggling and are without a doubt, proves that Social Media the greatest marketplace on Earth!

With an expected 3 billion users in the next year, Social Media can either make or break your business. Most people build a Facebook page or Instagram profile and call it a day. However, that is not the recipe for success!

Here are the compelling reasons for integrating Social Media in your venture:

  1. Finding Your Customers: If you have a website, but aren’t getting any traffic, it means that you haven’t found the right audience to advertise to. This is where Social Media shines. There might not be a single topic left in the universe that does not have a Facebook page, group or Reddit forum! Social Media makes it easy to find your customers, and you can tailor your ads to attract them specifically!
  2. Understanding Your Customers: Now that you have found your customers, you can learn a lot from them if you listen to them. They can share valuable feedback on a product or service. They might also offer advice on what they want, which can be a treasure trove of product ideas!
  3. Strengthening Relationship With Your Customer: You get to know your customers and build a relationship with them if they engage with your posts or send you a message. To offer excellent customer service, you can answer their queries and reply playfully when appropriate. This will improve the relationship with the customers!

Social Media can drive a lot of traffic and sales to your store. Your marketing will be ineffective without your presence in the Social Media platforms. You should at least post engaging content on Facebook and Twitter regularly to reach out to your target market!

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a huge following on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. They can help you to get more traffic and sales if they recommend the product to their fans.

The important part is to work with influencers relevant to your store.  Afterward, you can work with those influencers get them to promote your products to their audience!

One of the easiest ways to work with influencers is sponsorship. You can send them free products or pay them a particular amount to speak about your product to their followers. While it can be expensive, it is the best marketing strategy to drive organic traffic to your store!

Update Your Website Design

It is always the first impression that matters most. And nothing else gives a better first impression than the homepage of your website.

The expectations of customers have increased while their attention span has dropped. This means that you have to work more to ‘WOW’ a potential customer within a few seconds! Here are the core strategies for your website that you can focus on this Summer:

  • Amping up your homepage
  • Making your website easy to navigate
  • Enhancing the search function, and
  • Spicing up the product pages

Perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Almost everyone begins their search for a new product or service with a search engine. If you rank high in the search results, it will drive a ton of organic traffic to your website. This leads to a huge boost in sales, and in turn profit! SEO is becoming ever more important for businesses.

Everyone wants to rank high in search results. However, it is an extremely competitive real estate. If you want to reach out to your target audience, your website SEO must be impeccable.

End Words

Every business is different. It is impossible to design a digital marketing strategy to fit all businesses. Moreover, entrepreneurs seldom have the time to micro-manage every aspect of their digital marketing strategy.

If you want to build an effective digital marketing strategy to elevate your business, you should consider Blue 16 Media. This digital marketing company can help to improve, grow and develop your business. Their services include website design and support, social media management & consultation, and SEO – the complete package to amp your business during this Summer!

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