Marketing Trends in 2021

Marketing remains to be one of the most important elements in running a successful business. With the dawn of the digital age in the 21st Century, marketing has also been digitized. In 2021, due to the influence of the global pandemic, we saw many emerging online entrepreneurial initiatives that used digital platforms (or ingredients) to market their goods and services. Due to the emergence of the digital age and lock down during the pandemic, digital marketing has now come to be considered THE most effective mode of marketing.

AI in marketing has taken grown in usage since it helps target specific audiences that can be potential buyers of goods and services that interest them. Search queries, hashtags, and topics that people are interested in help determine the type of ads a person will see during their online browsing activities. The AI systems tend to draw patterns from people’s online presence ensuring that marketing budgets are effectively utilized and people only see ads of products and services that they’re interested in.

Some of the most popular digital marketing tools that are currently being utilized include: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertisements, Email marketing, etc. Software and CEO Hacks such as Google Ads, MailChimp, Ahrefs, Facebook Insights, etc have now become an industry norm, and any organization interested in developing online marketing strategies has to incorporate their use into it’s overall strategy.

Some digital marketing trends that have become widely accepted during the Pandemic are chatbots and personalization options. Chatbots allow customers and site visitors to interact with the sellers through having a conversation. They help customers feel heard and validated, and sites that utilize them have reported increased sales. Apart from this, personalization options are also greatly preferred by customers all across the globe. They help make customers’ interactions with businesses more intimate and trustworthy. Amazon and Netflix are famous because of the suggested movies/products that they display for all their clients following their browsing patterns, making it easier for people to find shows and movies they are interested in.

Other online marketing tools such as video marketing, influencer marketing, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts have also become quite popular through the Pandemic. With people stuck at home and mobile screen-time peaking, it is easy to follow influencers and get attached to their content over time. Influencers have the power to easily influence their followers into buying certain products through thoughtful endorsements. Similarly, video ads popping up between YouTube videos, thoughtfully executed, have the power to gather attention. Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts are newly introduced features that gained popularity among users as YouTube and Instagram became huge online platforms (bigger than they were pre-pandemic). Geofencing also became a prevalent trend in 2021. Geofencing is basically a service that checks the location of users through GPS and cellular data and consequently generates specific ads for accessible businesses, making marketing successful and achieving desired results.

Hence, if we look at the pandemic-struck world in 2021-2022, we see digital marketing greatly taking over all conventional marketing strategies with people stuck at home and social media use escalating many folds. AI use within marketing also shot greatly since it helps target specific audiences and increases precision.

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