Common Mistakes That Businesses Make In Digital Marketing

Common Mistakes That Businesses Make In Digital Marketing

Having a digital marketing strategy has become essential for the success of each business. For this reason, and with the power of these types of strategies, both small and medium-sized companies have the opportunity to be on the same level as a large company. However, detailed planning is needed for it to be successful.

Read on to find out below the five most common mistakes that a company can make when applying a digital marketing strategy.

Not being clear about who your buyer persona is

Defining who your ideal client is and knowing what audience you plan to target will look like is essential when you are going to launch your product or service, since without this clear definition you will never know how to achieve your goals and you will not attract the right clients. Not having clients or people who are interested in what you offer will only generate a high acquisition cost. To know who your ideal client is, you have to take into consideration many things, such as age, consumer habits, needs and preferences, among other elements. This will help you understand how best to target them and how to get their attention to your services.

Not having landing pages/ not optimized website

As we have said before, your website is the way you present your business to your visitors and any person who wants to learn more about you. This first impression counts a lot, therefore if your website is not mobile friendly and runs slow, you will not get people to stay on the site and they will run to your competition immediately.

Not having a social media presence

One of the biggest investments today in the digital world and ecommerce is the power that social media offers. Visibility, engagement and presence are necessary to be successful in the digital market. You do not need to make a large investment to be able to attract customers online, simply by creating content that is useful and valuable to your audience will generate leads.

Not using keywords in your strategy

SEO is a large part of your strategy and when we say a large part we mean more than 30%. The use of keywords is necessary since these will help you to appear in the queries to the searches of the people who are looking for you. It is important that you identify which are the relevant keywords according to your industry. Those that have a high search volume and are relatively easy to find to achieve a good search engine ranking. We recommend that you monitor the current ranking of each keyword, the amount of traffic it receives and the conversion rates that those keywords generate.

 Not measuring results

Before launching a campaign, you must be clear about your objective, what specific action you consider to be a conversion and what are the results you hope to gain. For example, you can set as a goal how many leads you want to generate in a day. This will help you evaluate the campaign and see if you are achieving your stated goals. Remember to keep in mind that it is good to set goals and metrics that are achievable and tangible.


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