Trends in Digital Marketing in 2022

Marketing has definitely been one of the strongest pillars of business as it helps establish a network to improve sales of products and maximize profit, which to this day remains the sole motive of business. Marketing trends have seen a great shift over the past few years; conventional print marketing and those on mainstream media have taken the backseat, with digital marketing emerging as the strongest marketing strategy so far. During the worldwide COVID pandemic digital media was viewed much more than it was previously was. People were stuck at home and this was the only way to kill time, hence the brands that shifted to digital marketing gained greatly.

Another positive trend seen in this was the shift of home-based businesses to digital marketing, with home-based bakeries and jewelry stores operating solely through Instagram and influencer marketing.

Incorporation of AI in Marketing

Hence seeing the trends through 2021, it is easy to project that digital marketing will lead the marketing field, mainly with AI incorporation soaring even higher to target specific audiences with the products they need to see, receiving data through their Google searches and clicks on ads online. Hence AI incorporated digital marketing will definitely be seen in 2022.


Video Ads in Marketing

Another emerging trend in marketing that has been seen to have the most positive results is video marketing. Several surveys carried out on the marketing industry showed that video advertisements were shared more. They were seen to generate more engagement online, hence improving sales for businesses. Video advertisements are made by influencers online, which is a merger of influencer marketing and video advertising and has been seen to generate positive results with increased outcomes. Hence this is a trend that can be expected to escalate through 2022. This will also increase the demand for video editors in the marketing industry.


Google Planning to End Cookie Tracking 

Google recently announced that cookie tracking shall end by 2023, which can drive more people towards digital marketing, reducing the obstacles for online marketers, making it easier for them to reach their target audience. Hence the end of cookie tracking can be a very powerful move for the digital market.


Automated Marketing Strategies

In 2022 there is a predicted popularization of automated marketing strategies. Automated marketing strategies involve online marketers streamlining their campaigns, channelizing their workflow, generating automated advertisements based on data collected online, and customer profiling on the basis of online searches and general interests. These profiles shall then receive advertisements that might interest them, solely through the system with fewer people involved. Automated marketing reduces efforts and maximizes the output with people receiving the advertisements that might interest them, hence increasing sales.


Development in Ease of Use

Incorporation of visual and voice searches is also a marketing strategy that helps ease out the online search for products. Easy access to products for consumers, makes it easier to maximize sales. Secondly, in this fast era of smartphones and fast food, people tend to prefer less time-consuming work with minimum effort involved.

Hence as we project marketing trends for 2022, we see a further rise in digital marketing, with a special incline towards AI and automated marketing that shall generate targeted ads, increasing sales in many ways. If we can help with your digital marketing, contact us at Blue 16 Marketing.

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