Search engine and How do they work

What Are Search Engine And How Do They Work?

What Are Search Engine?

Ever wonder many times we use Google search every day? A ton for sure. But do you know how a search engine like Google works? 

A search engine is a web-based tool that allows you to locate any information on the World Wide Web. Many search engines use different algorithms and software applications that travel along with the Web, following links from page to page and site to site. 

Think about it as an index page for the information that you need. These algorithms are unique and take key elements of a web page, title, content, and keywords and make ranking for where to place the results on the pages. 

Search engines are your gateway to the internet. They take information from the website and break it down key parts and make decisions on how well it answers to your question. Now you are probably wondering with all the data on the internet, how this works!

How Do Search Engines Work?

To be effective, search engines need to understand exactly what kind of information is available and present it to users logically. The way they accomplish this is through three fundamental actions: 

  • Crawling, 
  • Indexing, and 
  • Ranking.

With these, they search for content and store it to their server and organize it for you to look at. So let’s break down on how crawling, ranking, and indexing works. 


Search engines send out web bots known as web crawlers to review website content. These bots closely monitor new websites and existing ones that have been changed recently. They look for data such as URLs, sitemaps, and code to discover contents that can be displayed.


After crawling comes indexing. Once the website collects the data, it needs to decide how to organize the information. This is when they review website data based on negative or positive ranking signals and store them in the correct location on their server.


The ranking is the most crucial part that search engines need to consider. During the indexing, search engines start to make decisions on where to display that content on the search engine results page. The main aim of all search engines is to provide the most accurate and relevant search results possible. 

This is made possible by assessing several factors based on an end user’s query for quality and relevancy. The ranking is made to determine the value of any content which can potentially provide value to the end-user. 

These decisions are guided by an algorithm and understanding it will help you create content that ranks better for each platform. Optimizing your website content to make it valuable to the search engine algorithm is search engine optimization – or more commonly known as SEO. 

So whether it’s Google, Youtube, Bing or a proprietary codebase for DuckDuckGo, each of them uses a unique series of ranking platforms to determine where websites will be placed. 

That’s why you don’t get to see the same search results on every search engine there is. If you keep that in mind, tailoring your web content to rank higher on the search engine results page won’t be that hard for you. 


Understanding how search engines works will help you create much better content. Google is now the largest search engine and acts as the first step to the majority of the user’s internet experience. If you own a website and want potential clients and customers to find you, there are no other alternatives to optimizing your website for search engines. If you are looking for SEO boosting to make your content rank higher you should check out Blue16Media

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